Dental Implants

Dental Implants

At Soos Creek Dental in Covington, WA, we strive to provide the best treatment options for patients who are missing teeth. And dental implants have evolved into a great substitute for tooth roots. 

Implants are restorations that are placed into your jaw under the gum line and fuse with your jawbone so that an abutment can be fastened to it. Titanium was used to create this threaded post. The abutment serves as a bridge for your false teeth. 

Dental implants are more pleasant and easier to care for than other types of tooth restorations. You may go about your regular tasks including eating food, conversing, and keeping your dental hygiene with ease.

Dental implants are artificial replacements of the roots of your natural teeth. Artificial teeth are permanently affixed on top, anchoring them firmly onto your jaw. You can renew that powerful and natural feel and function that just can’t be achieved with dentures, but dental implants aren’t right for everyone. A strong immune system and high bone density are necessary for this oral surgery to have an optimal outcome, and patients must be diligent about oral hygiene during healing. Our experienced dentists can tell you whether you’re a good candidate.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients who choose dental implants for both functionality and cosmetic reasons profit from them in two ways. 

  • Because dental implants resemble real teeth, they improve the appearance of your face. Dental implants integrate nicely with the bones, making them a permanent answer to your condition.
  • You can eat whatever you want with your dental implants because they let you chew food properly.
  • Another advantage of having dental implants rather than dentures is that the former better aids in speech improvement.
  • Dental implants relieve mouth discomfort and are simple to care for.
  • Dental implants do not necessitate the grinding of neighboring teeth to help the implant. All other teeth in your jaw remain intact, resulting in better oral health.

The Procedure of Placing Dental Implants 

Treatment planning is the first phase in the dental implant procedure. To analyze the patient's dental condition, the dentist takes various diagnostic photographs of him or her. 

Once a strategy has been established, the surgical procedure begins with the administration of an anesthetic to numb the area under treatment. It also aids in the reduction of anxiety and allows the patient to remain calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. 

If the patient has a damaged tooth in the area, it is extracted and the patient is given time to heal. Following the healing phase, an implant is inserted into the jawbone with a specific drill.

An abutment is a prosthetic component that is attached to the implant and serves to hold the artificial tooth in place. The restoration is completed when the dental crown is glued onto the abutment. To be completed, the treatment necessitates repeated visits to the dentist.

Soos Creek Dental offers Affordable Dental Implants

Patients with dental implants feel the benefits every day, as tooth implants can significantly improve your quality of life. To help you on the road to better oral function, Soos Creek Dental offers $700 off dental implant work performed by our dental implant expert, and we also offer CareCredit dental financing.

Expertise in Dental Crowns and Bridges

While dental implants are the foundation for most reconstructive dental surgeries, Soos Creek Dental’s highly qualified family dentists offer a full range of other cosmetic dental services as well. Dental bridges are designed to fill gaps in teeth for a seamless smile, and dental crowns replace extensively damaged parts of the teeth. We also provide Invisalign teeth straightening for $1,000 less than other dentists!

If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient dental office for dental implants or other dental services in Covington, look no further than Soos Creek Dental where you’ll get the highest quality and service at a great price!

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