Treatments Available for Tooth Sensitivity

Posted by SOOS CREEK DENTAL on Jan 11 2022, 07:47 AM

Tooth sensitivity causes pain and discomfort in the teeth when coming in contact with hot or cold temperatures. People could also suffer pain at the root of the affected teeth.

The sensitivity of teeth is either a temporary or a persistent problem. It can affect a single tooth or several teeth in an individual.

What Are Its Causes?

While some people naturally have sensitive teeth, others are subjected to the same due to the following reasons:

  • High intake of acidic foods and beverages regularly.
  • Grinding the teeth as it can wear down the enamel.
  • Brushing the teeth very hard using a rough toothbrush.
  • Tooth-whitening toothpaste causes more sensitivity than normal toothpaste.
  • Tooth decay, gum recession, or broken teeth leaves the internal teeth exposed, causing sensitivity.

How Can It Be Treated?

Tooth sensitivity can be treated depending on what causes the sensitivity. Your dentist can suggest a variety of treatments depending upon one's condition that affects sensitivity. These include:

  • Desensitizing Toothpaste

This type of toothpaste blocks the discomfort of sensitivity from the tooth surface to the nerve. They don't contain any irritating ingredients. Instead of tartar-control toothpaste, choose only fluoridated toothpaste.

  • Surgical Gum Graft

If the gum tissue has worn away from the root, this process preserves the root and reduces the sensitivity. During this process, your dentist will take gum tissue from the palate and place it over the root to safeguard the teeth.

  • Bonding, Crowns, or Inlays 

If there is tooth decay or tooth flaw that causes sensitivity in an individual, these procedures can be used to cure it. Those root surfaces that are uncovered can be attended to by applying bonding resin to the sensitive root surfaces.

  • Use of Fluoride Gel

To lessen the pain and reinforce the tooth enamel, the doctors apply fluoride to the sensitive areas of your teeth.

  • Root Canal

If any of the other treatments become ineffective and if your teeth continue to cause severe pain, then a root canal is the solution to cure the sensitivity. Your dentist will treat the problems in the tooth's core.

Oral hygiene should be given proper care to help reduce teeth sensitivity. The doctors at SOOS CREEK DENTAL provide the best and most effective treatment for your problems with teeth sensitivity. Contact us at (253) 631-8241 or come visit us at 17615 SE 272nd St, Covington, WA 98042. Visit our website for further information.

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