Magic Of Implant Dentistry

Posted by SOOS CREEK DENTAL on May 19 2021, 09:00 AM

Missing a tooth can be disheartening, and at times it can even make you feel inferior during social interactions. As everyone knows, a smile plays a major role in defining one's personality. Imagine losing a tooth and trying to interact with people. It feels awkward even to imagine, right? It surely does. If you are going through such a situation, we have got good news for you. 

With the progression in dental science, now it is possible to get back the lost tooth. 

Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about implant dentistry, the brand of dentistry specialized in dental implants. 

A dental implant is a dental science procedure where you can replace the lost tooth with the new one. Dental implants are also considered one of the closest versions of the real tooth, right from the appearance and glow. Dental implants have been providing people get back lost teeth for a very long time. 

The best part of this surgery is that this success rate is the highest and is around 98%. 

So when do you need a dental implant? 

It can be opted by anyone who has lost a single tooth or a set of teeth. It doesn't just fill the space but will also enhance the esthetic appearance. Dental implants are usually done under local anesthetic, and usually, after the treatment, people feel discomfort just like other dental procedures like tooth extraction, etc. 

Once it is done, the dentist recommends the patient hold a cold ice pack over the skin area where the surgery is performed. This will help in reducing the swelling and reduces the pain which is emerged after the surgery. Dentists also recommend certain pain medications which are needed to support the healing process. 

Though it might be exciting to know that you can now replace the lost tooth, it is to be noted that there are certain complications involved in this procedure. One has to be aware of them, like bleeding disorders, infection, allergies, etc. However, as mentioned, the procedure's success rate is so high that you don't have to worry about anything major happening. 

So if you are worried about the procedure then, visualize yourself with a wonderful set of teeth and a great smile. 

Do you still have any doubts about the procedure? Call us to schedule an appointment or book an appointment online.

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