How Dental Implants Affect Your Jaw’s Health in Covington

Posted by SOOS CREEK DENTAL on Jul 21 2020, 03:39 AM

The loss of a tooth can be more of a problem than simply making it difficult to chew. If you have a tooth that’s had extreme trauma or more than one filling, you have the choice of an extraction, getting a crown, or a dental implant. There are many factors to consider, but if you choose to have an implant you may be doing your jawbone some good. Dental implant and jaw health go hand-in-hand.

Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns

A dental crown can be a good choice for you when there is a good amount of tooth left and the root is still mostly intact. Crowns can be made of metal, usually gold or nickel. However, many patients opt for porcelain crowns that are color-matched to adjacent teeth. The drawback of porcelain crowns is they cause more tooth wear on opposing teeth, and some can get chipped.

Dental Implant and Jaw Health

Having an implant placed where a tooth has been extracted offers the same benefits as a porcelain crown. It can be matched to your other teeth and won’t be as noticeable as a gold crown. The patient for this procedure must be in good medical health. Some conditions like diabetes and gum disease may disqualify a patient from getting this done. Your dentist must consider conditions that affect your body’s ability to generate bone to secure the implant in place.

Speaking of the bone, implants can keep your jawbone beneath the gum line strong. When you have a tooth extracted and don’t replace it, there’s a gap left where the root once was. This can lead to bone loss because the jawbone needs stimulation from the teeth to stay healthy. You can lose up to 25% of bone mass in the area near the extracted tooth. So not only are implants more pleasing to the eye, but they are also vital for jawbone health

Determine Your Candidacy for Implants

If you have lost a tooth or teeth to extraction, contact Soos Creek Dental for an evaluation of your candidacy for tooth implantation. We offer an array of dental services, including dental implants and teeth straightening with Invisalign. Gentle, experienced dental service can be yours by calling (253) 300-0161. Dental implant and jaw health are highly correlated and should not be ignored.

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