Dental Care Begins with Brushing & Flossing

Posted by SOOS CREEK DENTAL on Jun 21 2020, 03:43 AM

 Soos Creek DentalAs Sherlock Holmes would say to Dr. Watson, “It’s elementary” that good dental care begins at home. Nothing is more basic than brushing one’s teeth. Most adults think they know how to and how long to brush. Doesn’t everyone take two to three minutes to brush? There are many sources to check on proper brushing techniques, including the ADA website. Here are some pointers for good brushing and flossing.

Everybody Brushes, but You Need to Do it Right

The most important habit to adhere to is brushing for at least two minutes – every time. The way you brush is almost as important as the length you brush. Hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush in an up and downward motion with gentle strokes. A smaller headed toothbrush will make it easier to get into the rear portions of your mouth. 

Dentists recommend softer bristles, and the small heads on an electric toothbrush can be a good idea. These instruments help those with arthritis stick to the two-minute time limit without discomfort.

Electric toothbrushes also help you use the right amount of force – the gentler the better. You should replace the brush every three months and also after having a cold. The brush may have germs on it that can lead to a second illness. Also, store the brush where it can quickly dry between brushings to minimize germ growth.

Don’t Forget Flossing

Always floss twice daily. If you do it before you brush, you may clear your teeth of plaque and other gunk for a more thorough cleaning. Be liberal with the flossing and replace it often so you don’t just move debris from one area to another. Place the floss gently between your teeth and clean the tooth at the gum line. This fights bacteria and plaque buildup.

Some teeth that are crooked may make it trickier to floss, and the first few days of flossing are always a bit painful, but stick with it. It gets much easier once it becomes a habit. These techniques will keep your teeth looking great and your breath smelling much better. When you see a dentist, you’ll have better checkups and overall teeth and gum health.

Good Dental Health Starts with Daily Brushing and Flossing

If you have a dental issue, Soos Creek Dental will be glad to be of service. We provide regular services as well as dental implants, Invisalign, and teeth straightening in Covington, Black Diamond, and Maple Valley. Call (253) 300-0161 today to schedule an appointment for family dental services, and don’t forget to keep on brushing and flossing twice daily.

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