Cosmetic Contouring and Its Many Benefits

Posted by SOOS CREEK DENTAL on Oct 22 2021, 06:25 AM

If you are not happy with the shape or size of your teeth, you should probably consider cosmetic contouring. Keep reading to learn more about the cosmetic contouring procedure we offer at Soos Creek Dental in Covington, Washington, and its many benefits.

What Is Cosmetic Contouring?

Cosmetic contouring is a dental procedure specifically designed to improve the appearance of worn down, cracked, damaged, uneven, or misaligned teeth. 

During the procedure, one of our dentists will reshape your teeth to make them look more attractive. Many times, even slight changes can make a world of difference to your overall appearance. 

Cosmetic contouring is considered one of the best procedures in cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Contouring Procedure 

Cosmetic contouring involves the removal of part of the enamel to reshape the tooth as desired. Its goal is to improve the shape and size of the teeth, which will ultimately improve the overall smile. 

The entire process is done in one dental visit.

During your appointment, one of our dentists at Soos Creek Dental in Covington, Washington, will mark the teeth that need to be treated with a pen or pencil. Since tooth enamel does not contain any nerves or blood vessels, no numbing medication is used in cosmetic contouring.

The dentist will gradually remove the tooth enamel from the surface of the tooth using a specialized tool. Any fractures or chips in the teeth will be polished, and the edges will be rounded or squared as required. 

After the completion of the procedure, the dentist will check the alignment of the bite and perform a final polishing that will further enhance your smile.

Benefits of Dental Contouring

Patients can enjoy multiple benefits from cosmetic contouring. Some of them are:

● It is a painless procedure as only the tooth enamel is shaped.

● It is inexpensive compared to other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

● It only requires 30 minutes, which means that you only have to visit our dental office once.

● It also improves your dental health.

● It is considered the best alternative to braces.

After cosmetic contouring, you will need to take proper care of your teeth. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups will minimize the risk of further complications and help maintain your dental health. 

To learn more about cosmetic contouring, contact Soos Creek Dental, and our experienced team led by Dr. Singh and Dr. Bajwa will gladly assist you. Contact us at (253) 631-8241, book online, or visit us at 17615 SE 272nd St, Covington, WA 98042.

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