Advantages of Dental Implants

soos-creek-3-2016Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is important, but the unfortunate truth is that teeth don’t last forever. While proper teeth maintenance and regular dental visits help to ensure your smile shines bright for years to come, sometimes teeth weaken and decay, resulting in their removal. When this happens, it can cause a number of issues, including difficulty chewing, shifting, and additional tooth loss. Dental implants are an alternative that can be used to replace failing or missing teeth and help avoid such problems.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants essentially serve as alternative tooth roots that can be used to keep your replacement teeth secure.

Make sure you speak with your family dentist for more information, but here are a few advantages to choosing dental implants.

1. Protect Your Remaining Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth become more likely to shift overtime. This can weaken them substantially and even result in their removal if you aren’t careful. Dental implants, however, could provide the support needed to keep remaining teeth strong for years to come.

2. Keep Your Smile Shining

Dental implants are almost impossible to identify, meaning that you’ll still have a beautiful smile to show off to family and friends. It’s likely you and others will hardly be able to tell the difference between your real teeth and the dental implants.

3. Excellent Alternative to Dentures

Dentures can be difficult to manage and maintain, but dental implants can literally last you a lifetime. Dentists use titanium implants that gradually fuse with the jawbone, providing ultimate support and security, so there’s no more fussing over shifting dentures or placement glue.

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